The holiday season is officially upon us! It’s such a wonderful time of year and we at Nurenu want to share some tips to add some sparkle to your marketing efforts this holiday season.

Start with your company goals

Use your company’s goals as a starting point for your holiday promotion strategy. All your efforts should drive towards these goals. Are you focused on getting more customers? Want to drive sales to a particular item or service? Identifying your goals leads to better brainstorming and outlines a holiday campaign direction that will deliver the results you want.

Plan ahead – month at a glance

Build a calendar for December that outlines your efforts for the month. This will make it easier to create, update and maintain a realistic timeline. Get help where you need it so promotions go off without a hitch. Identify who will be doing what, available budgets and the steps for all parts of the campaign including assets that can be repurposed for future initiatives.

Is your website holiday ready?

Getting your website holiday ready can be easy. Choose blog topics that are seasonally-relevant to festive events or activities that showcase your products or services. Make sure you’ve done your website back-end updates so it is ready for increased traffic without any pesky glitches. And above all, add some holiday flare and bling to draw people in with new photos.

Bundle your offering

The holidays are a great time to grow your business by offering clients promotional holiday gift packages. Customers love the idea of getting that two for one deal or a ‘free’ gift/service for their purchase – so bundling your offer can help boost sales and help deliver a stream of customers to your doors throughout the year.


Do you have partners you can collaborate with during the holidays? Partnerships with other companies show goodwill and community integration; and will likely encourage additional cross-client support between the both of you. This sharing of ideas also allows you to see what works well for other businesses and can help guide your strategy in the future.

What’s the best way to reach your audience?

Whether you reach out to your audience through e-mail, social media, PR or your website, make sure you use a consistent approach that your customers can come to expect. Plan to send an e-mail on the same day and time every week to promote your campaigns. Use a naming convention to make your campaigns more fun and memorable…’Merry Monday Deals’! Regardless of how you talk to your clients, make sure to act as a resource so they know they can leverage you for all their holiday needs.

And most of all, be authentic and give back

Share your personal holiday stories or traditions with your audience. It builds personal connections with clients and helps them better relate to your company. Highlight ways that you give back as an organization to create ties that help encourage clients to support you and your efforts. And don’t forget to wish them well in the New Year.