Playing Pokémon!

Suddenly, Pokémon Go is all anyone can talk about. It’s everywhere: on TV, on social media, in the news. As a marketing firm, we never underestimate the power of pop culture- even if the extreme popularity doesn’t last, connecting to people through something they’re passionate about, or having a lot of fun with, is always…

S.E. Minor

S.E. Minor Brand Identity Designed new, updated visual brand identity and company logo. Website Design & Development Designed and developed clean and mobile responsive site Implemented improved SEO functionality Provided analytics for relevant site information Provided copywriting services

Growing a brand: Culinary Works

Renowned chef Julia Deane had built a successful brand but had run into a wall many small business owners find themselves facing – finding the time to market their business when they were busy with the day-to-day operations. We were initially approached to design a new website for Culinary Works, as her existing site was no…

typography, new canaan historical society, printing press, photography

Portable Creativity

At Nurenu, we really enjoy exploring art and letting our creative sides show. We express our creativity in many ways; through illustrations, website and graphic design, and even through more traditional art mediums.